The West Oxford Big Picnic:
4pm to 7pm, Saturday 17 June
Botley Park

Residents of West Oxford are invited to the “Big Picnic”,
a community event being held as part of “The Great Get Together”.

The “Big Picnic” will be on Saturday 17 June from 4pm to 7pm in Botley Park, next to the West Oxford Community Centre.

Bring your own picnic plus something to drink, and enjoy it in the company of family, friends (old and new) and neighbours.

There will also be a stall selling some of the ales that will be on offer at the West Oxford Beer Festival later in the evening.

Music will be provided from 6pm by local band, Bötley Crüe.


What should I bring?

A picnic. Maybe: something to drink, a rug, a chair, your family, friends, neighbours, good cheer, a bit of sunshine.

Who can come?

The event is open to all residents of West Oxford, their friends (old and new) and family.
No ticket required, just turn up. Did we mention "bring a picnic"?

New friends?

The idea of the "Great Get Together" is to celebrate communities and bring them together.
So invite the person you are on nodding terms with from down the street but whose name you don't know.
Or the people who have just moved in a few doors along.

You can also make frends at the event. Don't be shy, start chatting to the people on the next rug.

Even if you don't need a chair yourself, why not bring one or two along, in case someone else does. What better way is there to make a new friend?

Who is organising this?

The event is being organised by local residents, in conjunction with:
West Oxford Beer Festival and The Great Get Together.

If you have any questions, or would like to help, please Email us:

What is the “Great Get Together”?

Jo Cox MP lived her life spreading her belief that "we have more in common than that which divides us".

In that spirit, her family and friends are inviting people across the country to mark the anniversary of her death by organising or attending celebrations in their community on 17-18 June.

To learn more about The Great Get Together, go to The Great Get Together.

The events being held in West Oxford as part of the Great Get Together include our Big Picnic
and the West Oxford Beer Festival

What happens if it rains?

As with all picnics, this is an outdoor event and will be dependent on the weather.

If it rains a little: bring an umbrella.

If it rains a lot: maybe stay at home and invite your neighbours round for an indoor picnic.

There is no indoor backup, as the Community Centre will be in use.

Is there any small print?

Anyone attending the Big Picnic is responsible for:

Taking home their own rubbish.
The welfare of any children or vulnerable adults they bring.
The hygiene and preparation of any food and drink they bring.
Ensuring any alcohol they bring or purchase is not consumed by minors.

Barbeques are NOT allowed.

Toilet facilities are in the West Oxford Community Centre.

There will be NO car parking on-site or by the West Oxford Community Centre.

For licencing purposes, the “Big Picnic” runs from 4pm to 7pm.
The stall run by the West Oxford Beer Festival will be open between these hours only.

As it is a public park, residents are welcome to arrive before 4pm and stay after 7pm.

Botley Park is in a residential area: please respect our neighbours.

Any more questions?

If you have any more questions, please Email us at this address:

West Oxford Beer Festival WOBFest on Facebook WOBFest on Twitter